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SailingCourseGuide Approved Sailing Schools

Blue Water Sailing School -- Top rated ASA school ranked by Practical Sailor magazine for its truly outstanding group of instructors.

Chesapeake Sailing School -- A leading ASA school operating out of Annapolis with knowledgeable instructors and high-quality facilities.

Colgate's Offshore Sailing School -- A great American sailing school with a long history of satisfied students and their own top-quality boat design, the Colgate 26. School locations in Florida, New York, and the Caribbean.

JWorld -- Top quality sailing school excelling in instruction quality and focusing on performance sailing, all in beautiful Southern California. Also hosts locations in San Francisco, Florida, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

Liberty Sailing School -- Philadelphia's top sailing school, with high quality instruction, great facilities, and a loyal following of students.

Mariner Sailing School -- This large Washington D.C. area school continues to bring rave reviews from its many students because of its talented instructors.

Martin's ASA Sailing -- A lesser known Sailing school operating out of Sacramento, Martin provides great instruction and a fun, comfortable environment in which to learn.

New York Sailing School -- An excellent sailing school hosting classes in Long Island Sound that puts great care into the operation of its courses.

OCSC Sailing -- A premier sailing school in Northern California with excellent instructors and course offerings for everyone from beginners to racing aficionados.

Spinnaker Sailing -- Large and respected sailing school in Northern California that offers high quality instruction and an unusually wide range of courses.

Windward Sailing School -- A Florida ASA sailing school with multiple instructional awards and a spectacular location on Amelia Island.

Sailing School Directories

Yahoo! Sailing -- Yahoo has compiled a directory of sailing schools that can be a good place to start.

CharterNet -- A directory of all sailing and boating schools organized by state.

SF Sailing -- The Sailing San Francisco site has a comprehensive directory of Bay Area schools.

US Sailing -- US Sailing's directory of sailing schools by state.

American Sailing Association -- ASA's directory of sailing schools by region.

NYSS -- Another directory of sailing schools by state.

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