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The Annapolis Book of Seamanship : Third Edition, Completely Revised, Expanded and Updated

"This comprehensive and clearly written guide to the fundamentals of sailing has stood the test of time as the best instructional guide for novices and seasoned sailors alike. While Rousmaniere has incorporated excellent information on new sailing technology, he continues to stress the importance of timeless sailing fundamentals. The text's explanations of basic concepts and techniques is unsurpassed. With praise abound from readers and expert reviewers, the third edition of Annapolis is a must-own for anyone learning to sail."

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DK Complete Sailing Manual

"Another top-notch introduction to sailing technique, this volume covers an even wider range of subject matter and combines excellent description with stunning diagramatic detail. The DK series introduction to sailing is both less expensive and more expansive than the Annapolis guide, and so some view it as a better value. However, while receiving strong praise from much of its readership, the DK Complete Sailing Manual cannot boast unverisal adoration. The book at times squeezes in too much information, which can be overwhelming and confusing to novice sailors."

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Sailors' Secrets: Advice from the Masters

"With pithy, often iconoclastic advice on all aspects of seamanship and boat maintenance, Badham and Robinson have distilled in this book the seagoing experience of hundreds of the world's sailing experts. The result is the nautical equivalent of an experts' forum, including instructive and sometimes humorous and sometimes biting advice on: boat maintenance; understanding weather; safety at sea and storm strategies; gear and outfitting; sailing well; piloting; engine troubleshooting; simple solutions to complex problems."

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Basic Keelboat (U.S. Sailing Certification) (U.S. Sailing Certification)

"This concise, well-illustrated, and thoughtfully compiled instructional guide to sailing has stood the test of thousands of hours of instruction. All US Sailing certification courses use this text to teach new sailors the skill and confidence they will need to safely enter the sport of sailing. While this text doesn't cover either the depth nor breadth of material found in the other books on this page, it excels at teaching the basics. Furthermore, all the material is accessible and valuable to novice sailors. If you want to know exactly what you need to know without pouring through piles of information, the US Sailing series is an excellent starting point."

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