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Great Sailing Adventure Books

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A Voyage for Madmen

"In 1968, nine men raced for the title of first solo sailor to circumnavigate the globe without stopping. This spectacular account of their struggles vividly describes the perils of venturing alone into the dangerous waters of the southern ocean. Midnight capsizes, wild hurricane-force gales, massive equipment failures, and the onset of insanity eventually defeated most contenders. But in the end, one man triumphs against all odds and rounds the globe without any help or modern navigational aids. This tale is rife with action and hard-earned lessons about the unrelenting power of the ocean. Peter Nichols successfully places the reader inside the boats and minds of the characters, carrying the reader on an epic and unforgettable experience."

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A Speck on the Sea : Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels

"A Speck on the Sea is a delightful collection of short stories about great adventures on small boats. Anyone who has sailed a dinghy will be impressed and enthralled by the preposterously daring adventures contained within this volume. William Longyard has selected some of the most enchanting small boat adventures of all time: from the stranded navy seaman who survived for months alone on a life raft to the world record trans-Atlantic crossing in a 5'4"" long craft. The text pays excellent attention to historic detail, placing each story in a vivid context. But, the volume as a whole reads at a quick and exciting pace. In all, this book is a delight to read, and full of anecdotes perfect for parties and warm memories."

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Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

"Endurance, the gripping true story of a trans-antarctic expedition gone awry, has awed generations of readers by the unbelievable resilience of a stranded group of sailors pitted against the most severe forces of nature on Earth. In 1914, one of the strongest ships in existence was enveloped and then crushed by the ice of the southern ocean. With no hope of rescue, 27 men set upon the ice with three ill-equipped sailboats and an iron will to survive. During their year-long struggle to make contact with civilization, these sailors prove the value of leadership, teamwork, and faith in their fellow man. This timeless classic excels in recounting both the epic physical struggle and the mental and spiritual journey of these unbreakable adventurers."

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Maiden Voyage

"From Publisher's Weekly: Challenged by her German-Swiss father, an 18-year-old New York City bicycle messenger in 1988 became the first American woman, and the youngest person, to sail alone around the world. In this jaunty account of her journey, she veers between the perils of solo sailing, her relationships with her separated parents and the death of her mysterious mother. Aebi, writing with freelancer Brennan, reveals her lack of sailing knowledge and experience, describes the heavy seas and weather she endured, her numerous problems with malfunctioning equipment, the countries, people and cats she encountered and a sympathetic French-Swiss whose boat sometimes accompanied her own. The story is so compelling that sailing enthusiasts will read avidly on to the triumphant finish. "

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